Architectural highlights MORE

  • Built in 1993, 270 Plaza is a thirteen story, 239,893 square foot office tower located at the entrance to the heart of Puerto Rico’s Financial District, Hato Rey.
  • The building is situated at the northwest corner of Luis Munoz Rivera and FD Roosevelt Avenues and provides a gateway into the downtown area.
  • The Building benefits from its high visibility location at the southern entrance to the core of the Financial District, easy access from major highways and adjacent to an Urban Train station.
  • The exterior walls are built in precast reinforced concrete panel with decorative aggregate finish on the outside.
  • The interior walls are built in concrete blocks and fire-rated drywall partitions on a galvanized steel furring system with foil-backed insulation blankets.
  • The main lobby includes granite flooring & wall finish and decorative ceiling panels with encrusted lighting fixtures.
  •  Common areas are a combination of ceramic, carpeting, and vinyl tiles with a 4’’ high vinyl base. Corridor walls are finished with gypsum board or concrete partitions, all with a vinyl covering finish.
  • The roof is concrete slab with rigid insulation topped with built –up asphalt and gravel covering.
  • Columns & Beams are reinforced concrete. The reinforced concrete walls at the core of the structure provide the main bracing elements for the building.
  • Doors are in aluminum & glass at entries and metal & wood doors at the interior. 
  • Windows are double-glazed bronze tinted glass with interior vertical blinds.
  • Ceilings are suspended acoustic panels 24’’x 2’’ in a metal grid. Flush-mounted fluorescent lighting fixtures and sprinkler system.
  • Ceiling Heights are typical finished ceilings 8’6 – 9’0’’, with select areas higher.
  • Intermediate Floor Slabs are above ground structural slabs are post-tensioned varying thickness (5.5’’ or 8’’ depending on the bay area). Slabs are supported by columns and a beam system.

Fire Alarm System MORE

  • The Building is provided with a centralized fire alarm system capable of covering all building areas. Alarm central panels are located at the guard station area at the main lobby. Panels are monitored 24-hours a day. The alarm system is activated by pull stations, smoke detectors and sprinkler system. The office levels provide smoke detectors at the elevator lobby and both restrooms, a heat detector at the A/C mechanical room, pull stations at stairways and speaker/strobe light alarms at elevator lobbies and stairway entrances.

Emergency Power MORE

  • One 300 kW diesel-driven main emergency generator provides power for emergency lighting of all common areas, water and fire pumps and two elevators. One generator of 1,000 kW and two generators of 400 kW provide backup for the office areas.

Electrical/HVAC requirements MORE

  • Electrical Requirements
  • Electrical power is provided by the Puerto Rico Electric Energy Authority by feeding two transformer substations, one for tenant spaces and one for public areas and service. Each typical floor level is provided with a 300-amp metering equipment cabinet. Metering cabinets provide service to 400-amp panels and 45 kva distribution transformer with respective panel boards.

  • HVAC Requirements
  • The system consists of two water cooled, self-contained air conditioning units totaling 42 tons. These units are cooled by two cooling towers located on the roof that are supplied by three electrical pumps.

  • Water
  • Domestic water is provided through a connection to a city water main of 2’’ that fills a 27,000-gallon concrete reservoir located at the basement parking level. Water is distributed throughout the Building with several electric pumps. A second underground cistern of 50,000 gallons provides water to the firefighting sprinkler system. Water and sewer services are provided by Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (PRASA).

  • Elevators
  • Six traction passenger elevators from the ground floor lobby to the upper level, each with a capacity of 3,500 pounds and a speed of 500 fpm. Two traction elevators connect the parking area floors to the main lobby at the ground level.

  • Parking
  • Built-in deck parking structure with a capacity of 560 vehicles includes three levels underground and four levels above ground. In addition to reserved parking stalls, the building offers valet parking service to visitors and tenants.

  • Security
  • Security guards and a security office are stationed in the main lobby and provide 24-hour manned guard service to the building. Additionally, there is a video surveillance system installed throughout the structure.

  • Sprinkler
  • A water sprinkler system protects the entire Building, including the corridors, individual offices, bathrooms and service areas at the top floors.


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